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POSIE is Wisconsin’s first planning service offering proposal pop-ups & anniversary experiences. Our mission is to bring the focus back on love and eliminate the stress of planning. We are a team of passionate, creative planners that put our client’s needs first. When you use our services we will ensure your intimate moment is memorable and everything is already taken care of for you.




Co-founder & Creative Director

With my experience as a graphic designer, I have always had creative ideas. Working with clients to create a unique backdrop for their engagement proposals or help plan memorable anniversaries is just another way for my creativity to shine. Having just gotten engaged in 2023, I understand how unforgettable and magical taking that step forward in your relationship can be! I want to make our clients' dreams come to life and create romantic, memorable experiences to last a lifetime. 



Co-founder & Executive Director

I discovered my love of planning and working one-on-one with clients during my three years in the travel industry. My passion turned into fuel and the idea of POSIE became a reality! In my current role in the event industry I know what it takes to make an event both successful and memorable. As the Executive Director of POSIE my focus is ensuring each client can bring the focus back on love by taking away the stress and time spent planning. I can’t wait to help couples take the next step in their relationship as well as keeping the flame alive for years to come!

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