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5 Details People Forget When Proposing

Your proposal is a big deal! In fact, it’s one of the top three most important moments in your life alongside getting married and having children (or fur babies!). Since proposing is a big deal it can come with a lot of stress, the key is to be confident and ready for this next chapter in your and your partners’ life, while knowing the correct steps to avoid any mishaps. There are five main mistakes you’ll want to be aware of, so you’ll have all the confidence going into your proposal.

1. Talking About Honoring Family Tradition

Before creating a plan of action for your proposal make sure that you and your partner have communicated on any cultural or family traditions that either of you may have when it comes to popping the question. Would they want their family there? Should you ask their parents for your partners’ hand in marriage? What type of ring are they expecting? Would family or friends be there for the proposal? The biggest way to be confident in your plan is to foresee proposal expectations.

2. Not Thinking it Through

There are a lot of moving parts to pulling off the perfect proposal. With high stress we can forget to take time to think things through and create a thoughtful plan of action. You have the ring and now it's time to think about all the details. Which day are you thinking about? How will you get your partner to the location? Who are you going to tell before-hand? Will you need to reserve anything? Make sure to create a list of all the components that are going into popping the question: the ring, the location, rentals/reservations, transportation, and friends/family you may invite.

3. Not Having a Plan B

It’s hard to talk about having a thoughtful plan of action without acknowledging that you also will need to have a plan B. Knowing what ‘could’ happen will help you prepare and give you buckets of confidence going into your proposal. What could happen to your plan if the ring has not arrived yet?. If you are planning on proposing during the work week, what could happen if you or your partner has to stay late? Take a look at the list you created and think about any holes in your plan that may happen. Write down a backup plan just in case the original one doesn’t work out.

4. Forgetting About the Weather

When spending time thinking through every detail of your ‘perfect’ plan we can oftentimes forget about things out of our control - like the weather! If you have an outdoor proposal in mind, it’s important to think about the time of year, climate, and weather in your chosen location. In your backup plan come up with options if you have unexpected weather. For example, a backup location, a different day, or selecting a location with a gazebo or space so you can move indoors if all goes bad. Another detail to keep in mind is how the weather can change the lighting during your proposal and when the sun rises and sets. If you are planning to have a photographer make sure they are able to shoot in all types of lighting. Lastly, the most important detail that ties into this is selecting the appropriate clothing. Think about outerwear, footwear, and how you’ll communicate to your partner on what they should wear without giving away the surprise.

5. Capturing the Moment

During the planning phase it can feel that creating a ‘perfect’ proposal is taking forever but, ‘day of’ will be a whole other story! Popping the question will happen in a blink of an eye and if you aren’t prepared you may end up forgetting those small details - like their face when they said yes! Lots of people forget their own proposal - for that reason make sure to have a photography or videographer booked and ready. You’ll want a way to remember this special moment and reflect on the start of your next chapter together.

Your proposal is a big deal.

The key to popping the question is to know the correct steps to avoid any mishaps and being confident and ready for this next chapter in your and your partners’ life. Feel a little stressed out already? Instead of risking the possibility of forgetting one of these details, book a proposal planner. At POSIE, our planners are a team of passionate and creative proposal experts that will create a special moment for you and ease the stress of planning.

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