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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Proposal Planner.

Updated: Jun 28

What is a proposal planner?

A proposal planner is your best friend. Whether you know exactly what you want, or you have no idea what to do, a proposal planner is here for you. We take the time to truly get to know you and your partner to create a memorable proposal just for the two of you! Helloooo… who wouldn’t want that??

Why hire a proposal planner?

Well, we can really help!! Planning your proposal can be super stressful…You want to impress your partner without breaking the bank and that is what we are here to do. Everyone is looking for an Insta-worthy proposal these days, like Kourtney Kardashain level. With our expert knowledge and experience we can create a truly memorable moment for you and your partner.

According to studies 15% of people want a unique proposal and 29% of women said they would say no if the proposal was poorly done. Booking a proposal planner is a no-brainer - we have connections with top-notch vendors, our own collection of decor, and we will relieve the stress and hours spent planning.

Here are the 5 reasons why you should hire a proposal planner.

1. Relieve your stress and time spent planning

Planning a proposal can be challenging to say the least. You want to show your partner you care about them by making it memorable all while trying to not break the bank. After all, you just bought a ring! Hiring a proposal planner will alleviate any stress from planning and give you more time to spend with your partner.

2. New inspiration and ideas

Are you not quite sure what to do or what your partner would like? Proposal planners are here to help with our experience and expertise in all things proposals. We take the time to learn about your relationship and incorporate special elements into your proposal. And we are always on top of current trends and styles so we can create a bespoke proposal that makes all of your friends and middle school bullies jealous! (Check out our Pinterest page for some inspiration.)

3. We know the right people

Do you already take 30-40 minutes to find a restaurant for date night? Imagine trying to find the perfect photographer for your proposal. Proposal Planners have a list of all the top vendors to work with so you can find someone that's trustworthy and will add the perfect touch to your proposal. At Posie we have met with our partners to ensure we are working with the right people that are here for you and want to create a memorable experience. Whether you want to add on a photographer to capture your big moment, have the perfect backdrop, or end the night glamping in your backyard we know the right people.

4. Day of coordination

We say that planning is stressful, but the “day of“ is the true test of your sanity. When you book with Posie we are on-site 1-2 hours prior to your event setting up and coordinating with any on-site vendors. We will handle any little hiccups that may arise during the day. If you would like your family to witness your amazing moment our team will also coordinate the details of the time and location for them to show up. Once you and your partner are all done celebrating your special moment we will take down all the decor so, all you have to do is show up and pop the big question!

5. Your secret is safe

If your plans require any coordination, and you don't have a proposal planner, you might need to call in some extra help. People mostly ask their partner’s friends or family for help with their proposal - but that could cause an issue. Your accomplice could start acting weird around your partner or accidentally spill the beans over bottomless mimosas. Hire a planner so your secret is safe and everything goes smoothly.

Ready to bring out that ring?

Start planning your proposal today with Posie! We are here to help you impress your partner without breaking the bank (unless you want to splurge!). We have streamlined our booking process to make it easy and stress free.

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