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5 Reasons Why You Should Plan An Anniversary Getaway!

Forty-two percent of Americans have fallen back in love with a partner after going on vacation together. A survey of 2,000 adults looked at the magic of vacationing – especially with others – and found that three-quarters of respondents believe vacations are great for those looking to keep the spark alive in their relationship (77%).

If that hasn’t convinced you to start planning, here are our 5 reasons why you should plan an anniversary getaway!

1. Make New Memories Together

What is one of the best ways to strengthen your relationship? By creating more UNIQUE memories together. When you have more memories in new places, you can trigger those memories more often. This reinstates in your minds the time you’ve spent together and the love you have for each other. Try to break out of your routine so you can create new memorable moments.

2. It's Unexpected

Most couples celebrate their anniversary at a fancy dinner and maybe a movie. It’s time to raise the bar and plan a special surprise trip for you and your partner. An anniversary trip can be one of the most heartfelt and memorable gifts you can give to your partner.

3. Spend Quality Time Together

Taking the time away from your work and busy schedules and just focusing on the two of you is so important for your relationship. On average, couples spend 2 to 2 ½ hours together each day. Taking the time to go on vacation, even for only 2 nights, helps you spend more time with one another.

4. New Experiences

When couples go on vacation together, chances are they try a new activity! Go to a Rage Room in Chicago, snorkel in Key West, or go up in a hot air balloon in Albuquerque. Trying new experiences, especially ones that take you out of your comfort zone, can help you bond.

5. Your Connection Will Deepen

Overall, planning an anniversary getaway for your partner is the best way to show your partner you care, while spending time together and celebrating your relationship. You will ultimately deepen your connection and find new ways to love each other.


POSIE is here to help you bring the focus back on love and deepen your relationship with one another. We offer two travel planning packages: Our Love-Break package is perfect for couples looking for a short 1-2 night getaway just a drive away from Milwaukee, including Wisconsin, Northern IL, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and Minnesota; Our Custom Getaway package is perfect for couples looking for a longer getaway anywhere in the US!

Each package includes accommodation options, transportation options, romantic things to do, and our favorite restaurants / bars in the destination of your choice!

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