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How To Plan The Perfect Proposal!

Updated: Jun 28

Has your partner been dropping not-so-subtle hints that they are ready for a proposal? We know it can be stressful trying to plan the perfect marriage proposal. Here are Posie's tips for making your proposal memorable.

Make sure you're on the same page.

It's important to make sure you and your partner both have marriage on the brain. While you may want the proposal to be a surprise, you don't want the idea of you spending the rest of your lives together to be. Great communication is fundamental in a relationship, take the time to discuss your future and goals you want to achieve and make sure marriage is the right next step.

Get the most important piece.

Your partner's engagement ring will be something they wear everyday, so you need to make sure they will love it. Go stalk their Pinterest boards or ask family and friends to get a sense of their style. Don't forget to get their ring size. If it's not a surprise, just ask. Or you can check your partner's other rings, making note of which finger they wear it on.

Hire a proposal planner.

A proposal planner is your best friend. Whether you know exactly what you want, or you have no idea what to do, a proposal planner is here for you. They take the time to truly get to know you and your partner to create a memorable proposal just for the two of you! Helloooo... who wouldn't want that?? Proposal planners have all the tools and resources you need to plan the perfect proposal.

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Choose a meaningful location.

Location. Location. Location. Your proposal location is the second most important piece to your proposal, just behind buying the ring. You want to have the perfect backdrop for your proposal that is as beautiful as your partner. Think about what type of view you and your partner would like - waterfront, beach, woods, rooftop, or city line. If you choose to hire a proposal planner, they will have a list of all the best locations in your area that fit your criteria. If not, search up parks, event venues, and landmarks in your area. If you’re stuck on choosing a location, we recommend a special place that you and your partner already have history with.

Custom Proposal design by POSIE @ Veteran's Park Milwaukee

Consider who will be there.

Not everyone wants to be in the spotlight, while some dream of sharing the moment. You will need to determine if your partner wants a completely private moment between the two of you or if they want to share the moment with all your friends and family. If you are unsure of what your partner would prefer, you can subtly ask by showing them different videos/pictures of public and private proposals "that you just came across on social media" and see how they react. When in doubt, play it safe and keep it one-on-one.

Capture the moment.

Capture your most memorable moment by hiring a photographer. They will ensure you will never forget your special moment and have the memories for a lifetime. You don't want to regret not having these memories to show your possible future children and grandchildren. You can even kill two birds with one stone and move to a second location for your engagement shoot! If you do not want to hire a photographer, capture the moment by setting up your phone to record prior to you popping the question.

Courtesy of Renee Rose Media

Develop a decoy plan.

Create a decoy plan for the day-of so your partner does not get suspicious. Think of something that your partner cannot say no to - and be excited about. Ensure the activity matches the dress code, you don't want your partner showing up in sweatpants (unless that's the vibe!). Some of our favorite ideas? - Friends and family are in town and you need to meet up with them, you're attending a cocktail party for work or school, or a fancy dinner for two.

Take notes.

You don't need a script, but take some time to write down key points you want to say. As they say, practice makes perfect so be sure to do some beforehand. As for what to say, we recommend speaking about your partner's best qualities and why you want to spend the rest of your life with them. Touch on the moment you knew they were the one for you. And don't forget the most important words, "Will you marry me?"!

How will you celebrate?

After the ring is on your partner's finger and the champagne has been popped you need to celebrate! If you proposed one-on-one, take the time to call your family and friends and tell them the amazing news! Once all the crying is over take your partner out to a special dinner and/or plan a fun and romantic activity. If your family and friends are going to be at your proposal, plan something special for you all to do together afterwards.

Let's start planning!

Now that you know how to plan a proposal - it can seem super overwhelming! Save the stress of planning this by yourself and let Posie help you make your proposal unforgettable, in a good way!

Here at Posie we developed our Elegant and Elevated pop-up décor packages for you to easily have a beautiful proposal of your partner's dreams. If you're looking for something different or a little more personalized we offer a Custom Proposal package where we can create a specialized design specifically for you. And don't worry about all the research into the details like locations and photographers - we have a set list of our favorites that you can choose from!

View our Proposal Packages to get started!

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