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POSIE's 1 Year Anniversary!

It's time to pop the confetti and raise a toast as we celebrate one incredible year of POSIE, Wisconsin's first planning service specializing in Proposal Pop-ups and Anniversary Experiences. We want to take a moment to reflect on the remarkable journey we’ve had, and tell you more about the Co-Founders of POSIE!

Amaleigh discovered her love for planning and personalized client experiences during her three years in the travel industry. Fueled by passion, she transformed the idea of POSIE into reality. With her deep understanding of events, she knows exactly what it takes to create successful and memorable moments. Her unwavering focus is on ensuring that each client can fully embrace the love and joy of their special occasion, while leaving the stress and time-consuming planning behind. Amaleigh's mission is to help couples take that beautiful next step in their relationship and keep the flame of love burning bright for years to come!

Catherine’s experience as a graphic designer has always allowed her creative ideas to flourish. Working closely with clients to design unique backdrops for engagement proposals and curating unforgettable anniversary experiences is just another way for Catherine's creativity to shine. Having recently embarked on her own magical journey by getting engaged in 2023, she intimately understands the unparalleled excitement and wonder that taking that step forward in a relationship entails. Catherine's ultimate goal is to bring our clients' dreams to life, crafting romantic and memorable experiences that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Together, Amaleigh and Catherine have spearheaded POSIE's mission to bring the focus back on love and eliminate the stress of planning for our cherished clients. Their dedication and passion have created a team of passionate and creative planners who put our clients' needs above all else. When you choose POSIE, you can trust that every intricate detail will be taken care of, leaving you to immerse yourself fully in the joy and magic of the moment.

From breathtaking proposal pop-ups, where we’ve witnessed heartfelt “yeses” amidst our styled decor, to dreamy anniversary experiences that allowed couples to reconnect and celebrate their love, we’ve been living the dream with you all!

We couldn't have achieved this milestone without your support and trust. Here's to the love stories we've been a part of, and the countless more waiting to unfold. Cheers to one year of POSIE, and to many more years of love, joy, and magical moments ahead!

with love and gratitude,

The POSIE Team

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