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POSIE's Top Proposal Trends for 2023

Are you looking to get engaged in 2023? Make your proposal an unforgettable experience by adding in trendy touches to ensure your partner is blown away! We’ve listed out our top trends for 2023 with décor set-ups, locations, what couples will be adding on, and how couples will plan their proposals.


Wedding-Worthy Décor

Now more than ever décor elements for proposals are more than just candles and rose petals. Couples are opting to have more wedding-worthy backdrops for their proposal. Including, arbors, outrageous florals, extravagant lighting, and elegant walkways.

Say It In Lights

Along with more extravagant décor, comes with some extravagant lighting. Couples are spelling out “Will You Marry Me?” in lights. We love having a custom LED sign or giant marquee letters! This adds a memorable eye-catching component to your proposal set-up. And if you are nervous and start stumbling over your words - you have some back-up.

Over The Top Florals

Florals are a key part of your wedding day - but why not make them a key part of your proposal as well. Like we said - it’s time for some wedding-worthy decor, so let’s make that wedding-worthy floral arrangements. Imagine an arbor draped in flowers and greenery, or a runway lined with bouquets and candles. Floral arrangements are sure to add a WOW factor to your proposal.



Just like weddings, couple’s are looking for the perfect backdrop to their special moment. More couples are loving scenic outdoor spaces to tie in nature into their proposal. In fact, outdoor engagements have spiked from 40% to 73% in the last 2 years. Embrace the fall colors, overlook a lake, or be surrounded by botanical gardens. Choose a breathtaking location that is almost as beautiful as your partner.


Are you more of a City Girl? Then you might want to consider a rooftop proposal that overlooks your city’s skyline. This is a perfect option for our more modern couples that want a timeless look with a gorgeous backdrop. Add drone videography and capture amazing views of the city and your proposal. Bonus - you can rent out private rooftops so your proposal goes undisturbed.


Wanting a location that is even more special and unique? Now that couples are able to travel more freely and safely, destination proposals are back in a big way. Propose on the red rocks in Sedona, surrounded by waterfalls in the Pacific Northwest, or on a fabulous rooftop in Chicago. Whatever your style is you will be sure to wow your partner with a breathtaking proposal.


Capturing The Moment

Capture your most memorable moment by hiring a photographer. They will ensure you will never forget your special moment and have the memories for a lifetime. You don't want to regret not having these memories to show your possible future children and grandchildren. You can even kill two birds with one stone and move to a second location for your engagement shoot!

Make a Day of It

Why just have one memorable moment day-of when you can have multiple? Some great ideas for before your proposal include hitting up your favorite brunch spot, getting your hands dirty in a couples pottery class, having an afternoon picnic, or if you’re feeling adventurous try indoor rock climbing! If you want to celebrate after, invite your family and friends to a celebratory dinner or cocktail party. If you want to spend the evening with just you two, enjoy a staycation and get a luxury hotel room for the night and make sure to order a bottle of champagne!

Having a Soundtrack

Adding music to your proposal adds a special touch that enhances the romantic moment. Opt for a live musician such as a violinist, harpist, singer, guitarist or a musical group. Your partner will be in awe walking up to a romantic setting accompanied by a live musician. If you want to stay on the cheaper side - opt for well hidden speakers and play some of the best romantic songs.


Hiring a proposal planner

As proposals get more and more extravagant with so many moving parts, it’s a no-brainer that you might want some help. According to WeddingPro “Nearly 1 in 4 proposers told us they feel pressure to plan something unique–and they are following through. 1 in 5 proposers are enlisting the help of professionals to plan it.” Proposal planners are here to ensure your proposal goes smoothly and you leave your partner speechless.

Double Proposals

Double proposals have been steadily increasing especially within the LGBTQ+ community. Couples are proposing to each-other either on the same day or at different times, this helps couples celebrate their equal partnership with each other. Do you and your partner have different ideas when it comes to what your proposal would look like? Why not have both! You can each plan your own proposal and pop the big question!


If you feel like your proposal was lack-luster and you did not WOW your partner, try proposing again! Whether you got the wrong ring, the surprise got ruined, or you missed out on what you wanted to say, re-proposing shows your partner you care about them and gives you a second opportunity to leave them speechless. If you’re already married and thinking about having a vow renewal, why not re-propose to keep the spark and surprises alive.

What trends will you be following for your 2023 proposal? At POSIE, we are passionate about creating a proposal experience that will make your intimate moment memorable. If you want to follow the trends or think outside the box, our Custom Proposal package will help you leave your partner saying YES a million times!

Book our Custom Proposal Planning Package here.

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