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Top 5 destinations just a drive away from Milwaukee

As a business started by two females who were raised in Wisconsin and love to travel, you can bet that we know some cool places to check out throughout this lovely Midwest state. We’ve decided to share our top 5 destinations that are a short drive from the Greater Milwaukee area - and trust me, breaking it down to the top 5 was hard! These choices have a little bit of something for everyone - because we know that every couple has different interests.

Now let’s get exploring!

1.The Port of Wisconsin

Location: Port Washington, Wisconsin

Travel time: 30 minutes

Add some New England charm and a harbor and you’ve got yourself Port Washington! From a beautiful main street, to an amazing view of Lake Michigan from high above, this town is unlike any other. With just under an hour drive this not only makes it an easy commute but one that is a wonderful destination for a day trip. Start your day exploring small shops along the main street and stop for lunch at one of the many delicious restaurants or have a picnic with an amazing view at Upper Lake Park. Afterwards, explore the history of the town at Port Exploreum or take a hike at Lion’s Den Gorge Nature Preserve. End the night with your partner stargazing and listening to the waves on the lighthouse stretched out on Lake Michigan. This may be a small town but it’s got so much to offer and something for everyone! To learn more about what this town has to offer visit:

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2. Now Entering… Wine Country

Location: Door County, Wisconsin

Travel time: 3 hours

From shipwrecks, to vikings, to getting wine drunk, and goats on a roof - this is Door County like you haven’t seen before! Yes, we know EVERYONE in Wisconsin knows about Door County but there’s so much besides your typical tourist attractions to do and see in this beautiful part of Wisconsin. For instance, take a hike through Peninsula State Park and visit the overlook to get a great view of Lake Michigan. Afterwards, head north to trek across the lake to Washington Island and explore the lavender fields (The lavender fields usually peak in July and August) and history of a Medieval Nordic Church from 1150 AD. If you haven’t experienced enough Scandinavian history head back to the mainland for lunch at Al Johnson’s Swedish restaurant. End the day with your partner taste testing wines at the various wineries throughout the county. Of course there’s so much more to see and experience here but tough to do all in one day. That being said, this is definitely a great idea for a long weekend or even a week-long vacation with your partner.

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3. A Town Full of Unique Gems

Location: Hartford, Wisconsin

Travel time: 45 minutes

In this area of Wisconsin you’ll find yourself in a small town with some unique gems that you and your partner can explore together. This may not be the most well known destination or typical one at that but, believe us you’ll definitely find special spots that you’ll want to visit again. For instance, on the main street you’ll find a beloved local sweet spot - Scoop Deville. Not only did the Fast and Furious star, Vin Diesel, get a scoop here but you can too; all while heading back in time to the 50s. Up next, take a drive through the scenic roads near Holy Hill. Feeling up for a challenge? While driving around see if you can find Hogsback Road. Be warned these roads are very curvy so keep your eyes on the road and don’t drive too fast! Lastly, if you’re looking for something on the more creative side check out the Paul Bobrowitz Spectacular Sculpture Garden, another local and hidden gem you’ll never guess where it’s at…in someone’s backyard! Hartford is a great spot to spend with your partner that will have you craving more adventure.

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4. Something More Superior

Location: Ashland County, Wisconsin

Travel time: 6 hours

Embrace the beauty of the outdoors with this Northern area of Wisconsin. From the gorgeous LaPointe Lighthouse on the beach shore to the rushing waterfalls at Copper Falls State Park. Of course, when you’re right near Lake Superior it’s a MUST to take a ferry. With that, definitely plan time to take the ferry from Bayfield to Madeline Island and explore one of the many islands of the Apostle Islands. If you have time and the weather is nice, we recommend getting out on the water with a kayak and exploring the Apostle Islands up close and personal. If water sports are not your thing, you and your partner can stop by the South Shore Brewery to enjoy an award-winning beer. If heading to Ashland County during the beginning of October, you and your partner can plan a stop at the Bayfield Apple Fest (October 7th - 9th) and celebrate the autumn season. Ashland County is the perfect place to bask in the fall leaves, enjoy the outdoors, and soak up the sounds of Lake Superior.

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5. Resort Style Exploring

Location: Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Travel time: 1 hour

Visit Lake Geneva and you’ll create unforgettable experiences that will have you returning for more. With the lakeside covered with Gilded Age mansions, this town will definitely make you feel like you’ve stepped into a relaxing resort-style vacation. Whether you want to spend the day shopping the strip, ziplining, relaxing near the lake, or bar hopping - this is the place for you. Another fun activity to experience is cruising around the lake and having a relaxing lunch during a boat tour. Maybe you and your partner want to experience something more thrilling on the water? Check out the US mailboat tour (July 15th - September 15th) and watch the mail person rush to deliver mail and get back on the boat before it leaves the dock. With over 5,000 acres of lakeshore, the water activities are never ending. This is yet another reason why this town makes vacationing here feel like a relaxing resort-style vacation.

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Wow! I feel like I’ve driven through the whole state of Wisconsin. With that, we hope that these destinations get your adventurous, creative, outdoorsy sides out and allow you more options when planning your next adventure with your partner; whether that be for a date trip, anniversary, or something else.

Of course, our team knows how much time, stress, and money can go into planning something special for you and your partner to experience. So, if you want to go above and beyond these destinations listed and add on more hidden gems, we’ve got a whole list of places and activities for you to explore! When booking an anniversary package with Posie you’ll receive a unique itinerary catered to you and your partners’ interests. And since we’re a team of travel loving fanatics you’ll receive our expertise on all the things to do and see in your chosen city.

Don’t have a city in mind, don’t worry!

Our easy to fill-out questionnaire will give our team a picture of what you’re looking for and allow us to hand select our top destinations. Curious to learn more about what we can offer or ready to get exploring?

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