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Top Proposal Spots in Milwaukee

As Milwaukee’s first proposal & anniversary planning service, we know that Milwaukee has many romantic spots around the city to pop the question. We love our city because there is so much variation when it comes to what you’re wanting to incorporate into your proposal. From breathtaking rooftops to embracing the Midwest spirit in the outdoors - there’s a little bit of everything here.


The Aviary

Located in downtown Milwaukee, The Aviary is a perfect spot to grab a drink, soak in the views of the city, and promise forever to your partner. Enjoy a bite to eat at Crafthouse & Kitchen and then head to the roof after for a romantic spot to get down on one knee. Our team recommends calling ahead of time and reserve a spot on the roof to ensure you have a spot!

Uncle Buck’s

Enjoy 360 views of Milwaukee at a bar that combines the Northwoods and the hip east coast vibes. Buy a drink and get lost in a laid back feel of this bar before the nerves kick in. You can also plan to reserve this space for a private event and host an engagement afterward with your family and friends.

The Outsider

Bask in dazzling city lights and the warmth of the fire on this beautiful rooftop on The Journeyman Hotel. Reserve a spot near the fire pit or the entire roof space to pop the question in private. Afterwards, invite your friends and family to celebrate there with you!


Boerner Botanical Gardens

Do you and your partner take to doing more things during the warmer months? Look no further, we’ve found the perfect location for your proposal. Be surrounded by beautiful flowers at the Boerner Botanical Gardens in spring or summer and soak in the bright colors of the plants. This is a perfect way to enjoy the outdoors and bring a bit of personality into your proposal.

The Domes

Looking to have a tropical proposal but don’t have the time to take a trip south? The Domes is a perfect location to warm up during the colder months and have the perfect topical (or dessert) backdrop for your proposal! You’ll have everyone thinking you took a trip and got engaged in an amazing location not from around here…but little do they know.

Milwaukee County Parks

Milwaukee has many beautiful parks that are sure to create a special spot for you and your partner’s special moment. If you’re looking for an elegant yet simple way to create a romantic proposal we suggest having a beautiful picnic in the park. Our top favorite parks are: Seven Bridges - for a beachy picnic, Humboldt Park - a woodsy picnic, or Veterans Park - a picnic with a city skyline.


Milwaukee Art Museum

If your partner or you have a creative side, the Milwaukee Art Museum is the perfect spot to pop the question! This spot is also great because you have a cover story. You can allude to your partner that you and them are ‘just visiting’ and when you find the perfect spot you can get down on one knee and promise forever to them! Just like out of a movie! Our team is obsessed with the backdrop of the inside entrance to the museum. The lighting with be amazing if you plan on hiring a photographer to capture your proposal.

The Oriental Theatre

Are you and your partner into movies or history? The Oriental Theatre was named one of the best historic movie theaters in America and is a great place to sit back and relax before getting down on one knee. Plan on taking your partner to see your favorite movie or if you want to go above and beyond, rent the whole space and make your proposal even more romantic.

American Family Field

Hit the ball out of the park with a proposal at American Family Field. A proposal on the field is sure to be a home run and will leave your partner speechless. Combine your love of sports with the love of your life. You can plan on proposing between-innings or reserve the field for a private event. We will say if you plan to go with the second one it’s sure to make you feel like a Kardasian.

Ready to bring out that ring?

Start planning your proposal today with Posie! We are here to help you impress your partner without breaking the bank (unless you want to splurge!). We have streamlined our booking process to make it easy and stress free. Let our team know what you’re thinking and we’ll do the rest!

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